Welcome to my Keep Going New York !! blog

I created this new blog to showcase and promote my new book

Keep Going New York !!

I self-published the book on the print-on-demand platform Blurb.com (blurb.com/b/10620426-keep-going-new-york) in January 2021, after photographing the streets of New York during the pandemic from March – December 2020.

I focused on the resilience of my fellow New Yorkers, on moments of normalcy under exceptional circumstances during the worst time of the pandemic. I kept a positive attitude walking around my chosen hometown during those challenging times and photographed New Yorkers doing what they always do: They keep going !! 

I keep going too, by shooting new videos and photos about the book and publishing the results here on a regular basis. So this blog is not only about the book but also about my new photo adventures in New York City. Having worked as a professional still photographer for a large part of my life, I am starting to enjoy shooting small and entertaining videos as well and I will share them with you here too, like the one above.

I hope you enjoy my new blog and if you like, you can preview (and/or order) my book here !!

Best, Stefan Falke

Preview and/or order book here

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  1. I’m as excited about the blog as I was about your book! I hope you’ll take us out on another walk soon.


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