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Keep Going New York NFTs

Keep Going New York NFTs

Some of my photos from the award winning Keep Going New York series are now available as NFTs on OpenSea. Please visit https://opensea.io/collection/keep-going-new-york-by-stefan-falke

Times Square – May 2020. Keep Going New York !! A book by Stefan Falke New York during the pandemic 2020 Self published in 2021 62 pages, 58 color photographs New York City during the Corona Crisis in 2020. Photo © Stefan Falke Now available as NFT:
Welcome to my Keep Going New York !! blog

Welcome to my Keep Going New York !! blog

I created this new blog to showcase and promote my new book

Keep Going New York !!

I self-published the book on the print-on-demand platform Blurb.com (blurb.com/b/10620426-keep-going-new-york) in January 2021, after photographing the streets of New York during the pandemic from March – December 2020.

I focused on the resilience of my fellow New Yorkers, on moments of normalcy under exceptional circumstances during the worst time of the pandemic. I kept a positive attitude walking around my chosen hometown during those challenging times and photographed New Yorkers doing what they always do: They keep going !! 

I keep going too, by shooting new videos and photos about the book and publishing the results here on a regular basis. So this blog is not only about the book but also about my new photo adventures in New York City. Having worked as a professional still photographer for a large part of my life, I am starting to enjoy shooting small and entertaining videos as well and I will share them with you here too, like the one above.

I hope you enjoy my new blog and if you like, you can preview (and/or order) my book here !!

Best, Stefan Falke

Preview and/or order book here