Keep Going New York printed book or pdf

I made my award winning book available as PDF download again and brought the price of the printed book back to ‘normal‘ (I raised it briefly it after adjusted its production prices)
Please see link in profile to preview and/or order the book.

Keep Going New York !! Available as softcover, hardcover and PDF. Preview: (shipping worldwide) 58 photographs, 62 pages, soft cover, hard cover or pdf, with a foreword by New York based journalist Claudia Steinberg.

Preview and/or order your copy:

”Stefan Falke focuses on the resilience of his fellow New Yorkers, on moments of normalcy under exceptional circumstances during the pandemic in 2020, photographing the streets of his chosen hometown including New Yorkers in what they always do: They keep going !! ”

📸 @stefanfalke_portfolio @laifphoto @asmpny @blurb

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